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Welcome, camper!

Congratulations on your acceptance to Camp Kassinaw for the 2016 summer season!

We at Camp Kassinaw consider ourselves one big family, and we’re very excited to have you join us. As Camp Kassinaw plays host to all kinds of people from a variety of backgrounds, we have a few ground rules we like to abide by to ensure that everybody has the best summer possible, and we ask that you familiarize yourself with them before our first day.

1. No sentient chimera allowed at camp without special dispensation from the Director.

We understand that students may be attached to chimera and chimerical objects they have at home, but Camp Kassinaw is about meeting new people and making new friends. We’ve learned over the years that the best way to foster this environment is by limiting the allowance of sentient chimera only to those absolutely necessary for the well-being of campers in attendance.

2. Absolutely no fighting.

Ours is a rich and versatile history, and while we understand that some wounds run deep Camp Kassinaw has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to violence. We strive to keep Camp Kassinaw a safe space for fae of all backgrounds and fighting with other campers or counselors will result in immediate removal from the premises.

3. Cast cautiously.

Camp Kassinaw is a lush freehold with roots going back centuries, and we are incredibly privileged to preside over it. It affords us the unusual opportunity to practice and expand our capabilities in relative privacy, but we are located a short fifteen miles down the road from a town with a considerable mundane population. As such, we ask that students keep that in mind when performing any spellwork.

Additionally, Camp Kassinaw has a three-strike policy for poor behavior. The first strike will be a written warning issued to the camper in question, with a signature of acknowledgement required. The second strike will be a phone call home, and the third strike will be removal from camp premises.

We know rules are boring, but we promise they’re in place to ensure that you have fun!

Here at Camp Kassinaw we offer a variety of activities for people of all temperaments.

If you’re a lover of the great outdoors and enjoy spending time in nature, you can go on guided nature walks, go kayaking down the Kassinaw river, and take an overnight trip to the top of Crow Peak, among other exciting outdoor adventures. If you prefer intellectual stimulation over physical activity, you can build simple machines with natural tools, and even work with a team of fellow campers to program a video game! If you’re in possession of a particularly creative soul, join our scientific illustration or nature photography classes. We offer new classes every week so there are ample opportunities to try new things!

Our staff are all highly-trained in survival skills and first aid, along with the creative specialties that they bring to the table. We have a fully-stocked health center on premises as well as a grade-A cafeteria. Our cabins come equipped with bunks, though campers are responsible for bringing their own sheets and pillows. Each cabin is equipped with a single closet, so we recommend packing frugally – we collect laundry once weekly to make this easier on campers and use Tide detergent. Campers who require an alternative due to sensitivity issues are responsible for providing their own detergent. Showers are communal stalls with locking doors, and campers are responsible for bringing their own towels and soaps.

In addition to daily group activities, campers will be treated to weekly trips into Crow Bend to stock up on treats and engage in local festivals, fairs, and other exciting opportunities. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.

We’ll see you on June 1st!

Ninnian Peppergrass
Camp Director


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