Lulu Shophan

A mute childling who remembers more than she is letting on.


Lulu Shophan
Bunny Pooka
Court: Seelie Seelie Legacy: Comrade Unseelie Legacy: Fatalist

Physical- Str: 1 Dex: 3 Sta: 2
Social- Cha: 3 Man: 4 App: 3
Mental- Per: 3 Int:3 Wits: 3

Talents- Alertness: 2 Dodge: 2 Empathy: 3 Kenning: 4 (Specialty: Changelings) Persuasion: 2 Subterfuge: 2

Skills- Crafts: 1 Stealth: 2 Survival: 2

Knowledges- Enigmas: 2 Gremayre: 3 Linguistics: 1 Lore: 1 Politics: 2

Rememberance: 3
Treasures: 2" (Cat Boots)":

Soothsay: 3
Wayfare: 1

Actor: 2
Fae: 1
Prop: 1
Scene: 2

Glamour: 5
Banality: 1


lulu.jpg Lulu Chophan wasn’t born silent. As an infant and toddler sounds were constantly coming from her, usually in the form of crying or laughing. She was her parents pride and joy, a clever child who people just felt at ease around.
At age six something changed in Lulu.
A fateful playdate with some children from “the wrong side of town” resulted in Lulu becoming silent. Her sudden watchfulness made her parents uneasy.
Lulu is still the observant and clever child she always was (picking up ASL very quickly) but even her laughter has gone silent.
What her parents don’t know is that Lulu has undergone her chrysalis. The children she played with that day were a childlings motley known as “Them.” The “Them” included two young redcaps who decided that the best way to wake up Lulu was to play “kill the wabbit.”

Unlike many newly awakened changelings who find themselves confused and befuddled by the mists, Lulu remembers quite a bit about what it means to be a changeling. Of course that doesn’t mean she is sharing any of this information. For now she seems content to observe, quietly.

Lulu is a cottontail rabbit pooka, and her fae mein reflects this. Her ears are not quite as long as adult rabbit pooka have, and occasionally she’ll use the misconceptions of what length should be to lie about her affinity. It rarely works, no one believes that a cat pooka has a twitching nose, or that a deer pooka has a cotton tail. Still, she likes to try her luck.

Lulu Shophan

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